International and professional-public accreditation of educational programs

26 April 2021
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External expert commissions of the National Centre for Public Accreditation ( conducted an expertise of educational programs “Economics and Management”, “Business Informatics”, “Trade & Commerce and Commodity Science” on 20-23, April 2021 at Polytechnic University. The commission included experts from Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany and Russia. Due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19, foreign experts took part in the procedure online.

During the work of the commission, meetings were held with the administration of the University and heads of departments, teachers, students, alumni and employers.

On the first day, there was a meeting with the administration of the university. University Rector Andrei RUDSKOY presented information about the university, outlined the strategic goals of its development, highlighted the most significant achievements of the clusters of accredited educational programs.

After the meeting the commission had a tour of the university campus, meetings were held with the IIMET administration and graduates of clusters of accredited educational programs. The commission clarified the issues of educational and international activities of the institute, the procedure for interaction with applicants and students.

On the second day of the commission's work, were held meetings with heads of Graduate Schools and heads of educational programs, teachers, students (bachelors and undergraduates) and employers.

“The positive results of international accreditation give such competitive advantages for the university as international recognition, increasing the attractiveness of the university and the credibility of the main stakeholders, growth and strengthening of competitive positions in the national and international market of educational services. The university can qualitatively assess the level of its activities and educational programs, obtain objective information about untapped opportunities, potential and development prospects. For students, this provides the opportunity to participate in various academic mobility programs, enroll in foreign universities for master's and doctoral programs, as well as increase the competitiveness of the graduate both on the national and international labor market” – noted Vladimir SHCHEPININ, Director IIMET.

On the third day, the final meeting of the expert commission of the meeting with the administration of the university was held. During the meeting, the interim results of the expert commission were summed up and IIMET was awarded a certificates of international external expertise of educational programs.

Based on the results of the external expertise, a report will be prepared and recommendations for the further development of the programs will be given. The decision to provide educational programs with international and professional-public accreditation will be made at a meeting of the National Centre for Public Accreditation.

We express our gratitude to our employees, students, graduates and employers who took part in the preparation and conduct of accreditation.