SPbPU hosted a master class from the editors of the leading scientific journal IJTech

22 October 2021
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During the International Scientific Conference “Innovations in Digital Economy: SPBPU IDE-2021”, a master class was held by the editors of IJTech, the leading Scopus journal. During an online meeting, editor-in-chief Dr. Mohammed Ali Berawi and Dr. Eny Kusrini spoke about the requirements for papers to be published in the journal, about the selection process, and also gave useful pieces of advice to authors wishing to be published in Scopus editions.

The editors noted that the main barriers to writing a good scientific article are lack of confidence and time, fear of criticism, poor writing skills, and limited knowledge of the publication process.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Berawi and Dr. Eny Kusrini shared that during the selection process, editors pay special attention to such aspects as relevance of a topic, compliance with ethical standards, scientific methods used, as well as the author's conclusions. They also noted that it is necessary to take into account the requirements for writing papers and strictly follow the rules set by a journal. It is also necessary to observe grammar and punctuation rules, as mistakes negatively influence the impression of a work.

IJTech editors noted that the quality of a paper plays a key role in the decision to publish it. Plagiarism is prohibited, and the title of a paper must be accurate and reflect the main content; it is not recommended to use long sentences and general phrases. Dr. Mohammed Ali Berawi and Dr. Eny Kusrini recommended to write papers in collaboration with colleagues from other countries, which will significantly improve the quality, as well as allow finding new approaches to the problem.

To summarize, the editors of IJTech identified the key markers of a good scientific paper. It should have an eye-catching title, a simple abstract that reflects the content of a paper, an accurate methodology and review of other authors' work, clear work results and a short conclusion. A paper should be easy to read, contribute to science, and close gaps in existing researches.

The Graduate School of Industrial Economics of SPbPU cooperates with the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia and Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development (CSID) of Universitas Indonesia , and the IJTech journal is published by Universitas Indonesia. Following the IDE-2021 conference, the works of the participants