Business trip to Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

13 April 2020
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From February 14 to February 17 the Graduate School of Business and Management employees went on a business trip to Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

The GSBM delegation represented by Director Igor Ilin and deputies Alisa Dubgorn and Alexandra Borremans was invited by partners from the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences to the most important events of the ICT Faculty.

On February 14 the inauguration of Kay Schroder as a professor took place. Kay is a specialist in Data Visualization, runs a research laboratory, but moreover, he is a teacher at the Master’s program of Graduate School of Business and Management «Business Engineering». Also at the event, his colleagues and business partners performed open lectures, covering the topics of working with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, as well as Design.

On February 15 the GSBM team was invited to the University’s open day, where it became better acquainted not only with the ICT Faculty, but also with other faculties of the university, their employees and students. Moreover, after the campus tour, a meeting was held with leading scientists, as well as faculty dean Peter Princen, with whom the GSBM met during a meeting with the Dutch Regitel Association in April 2019 at the Polytech. The research groups discussed possible collaboration through short-term student education programs, practice, researches, and teaching mobility.

On February 17 DataVisCamp was held - a new initiative focused on data visualization. During the event interactive presentations, master classes and seminars on this new topic for working with big data took place. The event was attended by professionals from various companies, researchers and students. The motto of the event was the slogan «Let us inspire you with new ideas and latest technologies!».