International research projects

IIMET actively supports participation of its researchers in international grant programs, which enables direct connections with numerous academic and industrial partners from around the world. IIMET is an internationally-focused research-based institute with strong ties with the international academic community. Over the last few years, IIMET took part in major global scientific and educational programs, such as European Framework Programs, Cross-Border Cooperation Programs and other programs for researchers, joint projects with national scientific foundations of various countries, and educational programs like FIRST, ERASMUS, etc.

The research at IIMET has a broad span within the economics fields, spheres of management, business engineering and technology, digital transformation, logistics and supply chain management, trade and tourism, quality management and is characterized by interdisciplinary and regional, national and international cooperation. The Institute’s researchers are essential contributors to the Russian industry and economic policy progress. Another characteristic of the research at IIMET is its close cooperation with industry, various organizations and the government.

Our researchers are engaged in a wide range of national and international research projects.