Innovative Marketing Technologies in Tourism

 Are you involved in the tourism business? Want to create a unique commercial offer for tourists in your area? Then you have to study modern technologies for the development of innovative tourism products!

The course “Innovative Marketing Technologies in Tourism” will provide students with practical knowledge and skills to meet the needs and desires of tourists. The two-week program will give you the opportunity to combine a number of marketing courses covering topics such as international travel marketing, segmentation and targeting, consumer behavior, digital marketing and more.

The course covers a comprehensive overview of existing mechanisms for creating and promoting innovative tourism products. Emphasis is placed on the Russian experience. In the framework of the module, you will gain knowledge about Russian culture, traditions, and identity. You will get to know St. Petersburg in the context of Russian culture, get acquainted with the best practices of the Russian tourism industry. The training course will be held in the format of scientific and practical discourse, as close as possible to the realities of today’s international competition. Lectures, seminars and business games should cover the most important and complex issues of innovative marketing technologies in tourism.

DURATION: 2 weeks of studies at SPbPU
CLASSES: During the International Polytechnic Summer School (June - August)

Department of International Educational Programs